Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Release Date 7/26/2015

Brought to double to Coney Island to support the Grimaldo's Mile swim race with the CIBBOWS folks. 

It was a nice easy race to supervise. It was a bit of hassle in the double to do all the quick moves and positioning and we didn't get a chance to tow or rescue anyone, which would have been super easy in the giant boat.

After the race we paddled over to breezy point to bask in the sun. 

We practiced swamping and recovering the double. The fastest thing was to have one person re-enter and roll and then help the 2nd person in.

We did have a real problem with the swamped boat on the beach. The only way to get the water out was to drag it back out into the surf and empty it in waist deep water then bring back in. It is so big that it is really really heavy when full of water.

It actually got pretty rough later in the day as the wind picked-up and we had to paddle back over to Coney Island. It was a bit sketchy in the following sea. We took out on the far far east end of the beach. We got lucky with a good landing no surfing or dumping but had to really work to carry the heavy boat all the way back to the parking lot.

Truth: Some lost things get found.

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