Saturday, November 16, 2013

Release Date 11/8/2013

I released this message while attending the Kayak Waveology Autumn Gales event and BCU 5 star training.

This event runs every year, and is always a lot of fun for the boozing and eating, if the weather cooperates the kayaking can be good as well.

I did two days of 5 star training and two days of the event. I was pretty rusty on some of my skills for the 5 star training which was a bit disappointing. I am sure I hadn't practiced many of these skills in years.

The weather generally cooperated and the tide races ran well on both the ebb and the flood, we had wind against tide on a number of the days.

The organizers put together some great pictures, the good ones don't necessarily feature me, but I am in some of them. So funny how small the pictures make the waves seem.

Here is a video from the event, there is a picture of me actually catching a wave in my white on white boat at 4:01
Video of the Gales 

Truth: When you get up you will always go back down again.

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