Friday, November 04, 2011

Release Date 10/9/2011

We went for a BBQ picnic on the piers down below the Gowanus Canal entrance. It was an afternoon/evening picnic that I extended into a sleepover in a bivy bag. 

Current turned back to flood about 3:30PM when we arrived.
I called and emailed everyone I could think of, and finally got a pretty good of about 12 people in the end from Pier 96, Pier 66, Pier 40, and Red Hook. 

I didn’t do a great job on the fire. I wanted to keep it on the “downlow” so as not to attract attention, but it was ok, and another smart person brought a campstove to take up the slack. I put the fire too close to the water so it was snuffed out during the fish cooking session, but the stove came to the rescue. 

The night was really nice, warm about 70 degrees, and an almost full moon. There is a bit too much ambient light from the neighboring piers. I watched tugs and all kinds of boats go in and out of the harbor all night. There is a perfect view of the Statue of Liberty from here.

It was a crazy warm day, it must have been 80 in the height of the afternoon.
I forgot my camera, but I got a woman to email me this picture of me trying to drown her kid by giving him a ride.

I paddled the Tide Race Xplore S, which is a nice boat, sort of like an Explorer.
I had always wanted to camp here, but it was kind of anticlimactic as a solo event. I got up early and left so I could try and go surfing on Monday 10/10/2011.

Truth: Fire is Hot

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