Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Release Date 4.25.2011

Release date 4/25/2011

I picked-up my boat from Kate’s office after it was repaired and paddled home. It was a nice day so I took a very long detour out to Edmago island. I got it fixed for K30 about $12!!

Also one more picture of the hole in my boat. That is water draining out of it!!

Saw a big school of tuna feeding, and tried to video them.

I bumped into a few people I knew out there who were snorkeling and saw this hawk. I think it is one of the hawks who live on Rawl, or maybe they have moved…

I saw a lot of people out in canoes. I think because it was calm they could easily launch. Also it was a holiday, Easter Monday, so everybody had time off to go fishing.

I timed myself coming back, I had a slight headwind, and was paddling the slower of my two boats, but I was warmed-up and paddling pretty hard:

45 minutes Edmago to SW tip of Nusa

45 minutes tip of Nusa to landing through the surf at my house.

This picture is our hot-tub. It was made by a bomb that missed the Japanese gun emplacements that used to be near our house. We sometimes sit in it for a cool off after a run or a hot day.

Truth: Sometimes it doesn’t rain

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