Friday, February 11, 2011

Release Date 1/8/2011

The picture is from the Sydney Harbor bridge way way up high.

These 2 guys were booking along on surf skis. Paddling the Sydney makes NYC look like a country lane. The traffic was tremendous, but these dudes were going right down the middle of the channel in their skis with no PFDs.

We went to NZ for a vacation over new years. I was too lazy to take a lot of pictures, and I haven’t gotten copies from Kate. I released a note on a piece of wood in NZ a week later. The beaches and coastline were really spectacular.

On the beach where I released the note we saw a penguin sitting up in the cliff. We tracked him from the water and found him sitting up in the weeds staring at us like Burgess Meridith.

No Truth: (there was no room on the piece of wood).

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