Sunday, September 06, 2009

Release Date 9/5/2009

I released this message off of the coast of New Hanover. This is a large island about 20 miles north of New Ireland where we are living. I went up here for the day with a survey team from Kate’s organization. They are going to be doing a terrestrial survey for a few weeks here, and I just went along for the ride.

On the way back we did a lot of fishing. We caught: 3 frigate tuna, 1 large mackerel, 2 crevellie, 2 barracuda, and one rainbow runner. Most of the people here, including the guy I was with, fish with handlines. We just trolled, sometimes at 15 MPH or more from the boat. For the tuna we watched the birds feeding on baitfish the tuna drove up, for the others we just went along the reef edge.

On the way back we stopped a very cool little island that is inhabited by 2 eagles who live in a nest on the top of the tree. The island is tiny, about 30 yards in diameter. It is fairly close to Kavieng, and hopefully we can get permission and camp on it sometime. See the pictures of the nest behind my head, and the island from a distance.

We will be able to kayak there soon because… Our container finally arrived. It was delivered last week. We haven’t been able to unpack very much of it because Kate has a big group here from another part of the country for a huge meeting, and there is no room in our house, and no time.

I did manage to get my bike out, but now I can’t find the pedals, so I still can’t use it. I’m pretty sure they are in a large cooler, but I need a lot of time to unpack deep enough to get to it.

Earlier in the week we saw some people that had caught a turtle for food. I wanted to buy it from them, and set it free. Unfortunately by the time we found it, they had already cut it up. We took a tissue sample in case Kate is able to get some other turtle researchers interested in studying them here. This is the 4th one I have seen, so there must be a lot of them around, but the researchers better hurry because the people are hungry, and the turtles are very tasty.

Truth: It's going to rain sometime.

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CapnLoogie said...

Love your blog! I'm a live aboard in Fort Lauderdale Florida in the middle of a silent protest against solid land.