Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Release Date 10/31/2007

I released this message in Greece off the island of Kefalonia during a kayak trip.

I was kayaking and camping with some friends from 10/28 to 11/1.

This is a wonderful coastline. We got our equipment from Monte Nero Activities. This is a great tour company on the island that has top-notch equipment and guides. I highly recommend them.

Like most of the Greek Islands this featured stunning coastline with a huge variety, cliffs, caves, beaches, rock, sand you name it, they had it.

We paddled along the West and North coasts and saw some great sites.

This time of year many things were shutdown, it was cool, but not too cold. In the future I want to go a little earlier in the year to get in some diving, and enjoy some lunches at the seaside tavernas that dot the coast.

Highlights were some of the amazing cliffs and caves.

On day we saw a mother and baby goat stuck in a pocket of rock on the cliff. Hopefully they were able to climb out, or the shepherd was able to go out in a boat on get them. I can't imagine how they got there, see the picture. There was a funny sign posted, which one of my greek friends translated nearby. "Don't shoot the goats".

Some of the beaches were really cool and remote, the only way to get there is by water.

I did a bit of fishing, but like my last trip to Greece didn't catch anything.

I was able to get a few nice meals after the trip, but was disappointed that I didn't find any goat on the menu.

I tied a huge pile of sandals and shoes that I picke-up on the beach to the bottle to attract attention.

Truth: Sunshine wams the soul and the body on a cool day.


Anonymous said...

My name is Gina Summers and I am part of group that wants to do volunteer community/ environmental projects in pasco/hernando counties. Your name came up in an article for durney key. I googled you and here I am. The question I have is We want to do our first project on Durney Key and need permission from the owners(audubon society) we would like some support from you if at all possible.Please contact me at firereddragon_8_u@yahoo.com or call me at 1-352-428-9906 we are moving or i would give you a home number.
It was a concern for the island is getting very used and abused and we want to clean it up and place some trees on it. we still are aquiring funds to rent boats and other items
but would love to hear from you
Gina B Summers

firereddragon_8_u said...

amazing stories keep up the inspiration.