Monday, July 09, 2007

Release Date 7/8/2007

I went paddling from Floyd Benet Field near Rockaway Beach. I wanted to launch from Plum Beach, but there was no parking there at 17:00. There were actually a line of cars waiting for a space to open up.

I didn't know my way around the field, so I drove all over the place, and launched from a spot fairly far into the bay. It is a funny place with all these abandoned buildings, and strange recreation things going on. Just trying to get to the water I saw a remote controlled car track, an archery range, a remote control airplane field, a guy driving a sail cart, the training ground for the Department of Sanitation, and a Concorde Airplane shell. I realized later that I should have just taken a right as soon as I entered, this would put me on a beach right under the Marine Parkway Bridge.

I paddled out to Breezy Point. It was getting dark, and I had the current against me, so I couldn't go all the way to the end. I found a full can of beer floating in the water, that I am drinking now, 3 days later. Truth: The same thing can make you feel really good and really bad on the same day.

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