Friday, January 26, 2007

Release Date 1/24/2007

I rented a kayak from Sea Trek kayaks in Sausalito, and paddled out through the Golden Gate Bridge into SF Bay.

The outfitter is a really nice company. They have good equipment, and are very friendly and knowledgeable about the area.

They gave me a Valley Avocet boat, because the Valley rep now works for them. They are just getting into British boats with skegs, and away from rudders.

This is a really nice paddle. The Bay has strong tidal flows, and I had to use eddies, and paddle against the current to get out. The whole North side of the bay seems to be open space, or parkland. There were huge rocky cliffs, and little pocket beaches.

I had a nice lunch, and one park, and picked-up some interesting trash at another one.

I got all the way to Bonita Pt., which is where the bay gives way to the open ocean. The weather can be very intense there, but there was only a few feet of swell, and very little wind, so it was pretty mellow.


If you drive or walk a trip it is much easier to remember the directions.

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chosha said...

True. I didn't know my city for months after moving here, because I didn't have a car. When others were driving I didn't take any notice, but now that I've driving I've memorised a lot more.

I'm not much into sailing/kayaking, so that part doesn't interest me so much (not a criticism, just saying). I am much more interested in the messages, but you don't seem to say anything about them. What kinds of message do you write? Do you write them from your own head or find interesting things to quote? Are they more factual or inspirational? What are you hoping someone will get from finding one of your bottles? Do you write things like the date and location of release?

It's an intriguing topic. I might write something about this in my own blog.