Thursday, December 07, 2006

Release Date 12/06/2006

Did a circumnavigation of Manhattan for the New York Kayak Company.

We planned to leave at 08:00 AM and do the traditional counterclockwise paddle route. High water at the Battery was at 08:40, low water at 15:20. Since it was a fast group we would have paddled against the current down to the Battery, then had the current the whole rest of the way. Wind was from the Southwest at 15kts.

There were problems getting underway, so we weren't able to leave until 09:30. Based on the currents we decided to instead attempt a clockwise route, up the Hudson, Down the East River. The conditions weren't too bad, but the rear quartering wind made for a lot of weathercocking. My skeg was not working, so it was a bit of a workout. We arrived at Spitendival around 11:30, had a quick lunch, and were back underway down the Harlem by 12:00. The Harlem paddle was difficult, against both the current and the wind.

We arrived at Randalls Island around 14:15 for a short break, and were back on the water headed down the East River by 14:30.

The East River paddle against the wind was also very slow going. The current was stronger up near Rosevelt Island, but there was virtually no current assist by the time we reached 23rd St, and near the Battery the wind was stronger than the current. We did get to see a dramatic sunset behind the Brooklyn Bridge. I was peddling over the bridge in the morning, so it seemed fitting that we paddled under in just as the sun was setting.

There was very heavy ferry traffic all around the Battery, and the swell was about 4ft when we turned into the Hudson. We stopped at North Cove around 17:30. It was very dark by then so we got some lights and then continued onto the Kayak shop by 18:30.

Truth: Most tasks take longer than you expect them to.

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