Saturday, December 10, 2005

Message 3 Release Date 12/11/2005

I released this bottle in the Hudson River 12/11/2005 on an ebbing tide off the Battery in NYC around 12:00PM When did you find it??
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and let me know. Update it, and send it on its way.


Contrary to what I wrote in the note I released it on the way back in a flooding current in the Buttermilk Channel at around 14:00.

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I was paddling with two friends from Pier 96 in Manhattan to Brooklyn. The original plan was to go to south brooklyn and look for old bottles on one of the old piers" We were delayed so we decided to stop at Pier 41 in Red Hook. The air was about 35 with a 5-10 knot wind from the south. Skies were mostly sunny. The very gracious, Steve, from Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies sold us a pie to share for lunch and let us sit in his woodstove heated clubhouse.
We ate lunch there. Steve's dog Mango had just had a litter of very cute Jack Russell Terriers. After lunch Mango or I, I'm not actually sure who, broke one of Steve's vintage FLORIDA Alligator ashtrays. I was blamed for it, and Steve threw us out.

We had a nice current for the paddle back up the Buttermilk then up the Hudson River.

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